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Main Problem

Many companies are not yet using a system, to create and manage their business documents with fixed and variable structures, cost and time efficient. Old and long outdated company structures are dominating.

Current Solution

Documents will be stored without structure and decentralized. Automatable processes will be still done by employees and the compliance of the Corporate Design is not always guaranteed. Hidden effort, that waste many resources.

Our Solution

The software solution we developed, optimizes the processes of the creation and management of your business documents. You will achieve your goals faster and this with an assured quality. With DOCUGEN, companies are now capable to reduce the costs for the creation of their documents and to simplify and standardize the processes.

Key Facts

Manual document creation (Web)
Partially automated document creation
Fully automated document creation
Data importer
PDF output
CD compliant
Multiuser system
Multilanguage content
Standardization through templates
Optimization of existing company processes
Cost reduction
Prepress stage
Approval processes
Interfaces to third-party systems
No additional hardware necessary
Adaptation to individual requirements

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